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Introducing the Sentora Website, a robust and cutting-edge project developed by the Finan Web Development team. Utilizing a harmonious blend of technology and design, the website is built on WordPress and enhanced with Oxygen Website Builder.

The incorporation of Meta Box WordPress Custom Fields into the project allowed for seamless customization of the website. This feature enabled the creation of meta boxes and custom fields in WordPress, which are paramount for adding specific types of content.

The Sentora Website is designed to have an array of features, including a blog section for news articles. This section is not only informative but is also engineered with Semantic SEO in mind to ensure optimal visibility in search results. Additionally, the website boasts a job portal that serves as a platform for career opportunities and growth.

Social media integration was achieved to create a cohesive online presence, ensuring that content is shareable across different platforms. Moreover, WhatsApp was utilized as an effective Call-to-Action (CTA) tool, encouraging visitors to get in touch effortlessly.

One of the features of the Sentora Website is the custom UI created with the Oxygen Repeater Element. This element allowed for the creation of dynamic lists and grids, highlighting the flexibility and diversity of the website’s layout.

The project was accomplished within a remarkable time frame of 5 weeks, demonstrating the team’s dedication and efficiency.

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