NHK Store

Introducing the NHK Store: an online storefront that revolutionizes the way riders access premium helmets and accessories in Indonesia. This project, completed in a streamlined timeline of 8 weeks, employs an intricate blend of cutting-edge technologies including WordPress, WooCommerce, Elementor, JetEngine by Crocoblocks, Xendit, and RajaOngkir.

The store’s interface is expertly designed with Elementor, which offers a visual builder that allows for a pixel-perfect and professional design tool​. JetEngine enhances this by providing dynamic content tools, effectively streamlining site content and structure.

The products on offer are carefully cataloged and organized into categories, making navigation intuitive. A unique checkout timer countdown adds urgency to the customer’s shopping experience, encouraging prompt decisions.

For payments, the NHK Store incorporates Xendit. This payment gateway is not only secure but also integrates seamlessly with the website, handling millions of transactions and scaling as needed.

Shipping is made efficient through RajaOngkir, which offers an integrated data system for shipping costs from various couriers in Indonesia. It automates checking across all supported couriers (TIKI, JNE, SiCepat, Wahana, and many more) delivering convenience.

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